Individual Giving

Join us and choose to LIVE UNITED with a contribution to Maui United Way.

Our success would not be possible without the caring people who have chosen to LIVE UNITED with us. Our donors demonstrate extraordinary generosity, helping us ensure vital services continue to meet the needs of our local community.

At Maui United Way, we take the guesswork out of giving. We carefully vet the organizations we fund and include the community in the decision-making process. We also collect impact data from our partners to ensure that every donation dollar is spent wisely.

We are proud to report that Maui United Way has received 4 out of 4 starts from Charity Navigator (99% rating), and Guidestar awarded us "Platinum" status, their highest level. Charity Navigator said "If this organization aligns with your passions and values, you can give with confidence."

Individual Giving

You can make a contribution, either by credit card or automatic debit from the account you specify Please click on DONATE ONLINE and make your contribution today to help our community now. We encourage you to review our Maui United Way Brochures to see the results our partner agencies achieve with your generous donations. Mahalo!

Planned Giving

What is a Planned Gift? A charitable planned gift is the result of careful and thoughtful planning for the distribution of one’s assets to charitable organizations. These gifts are commonly made from assets rather than from income and often involve a planning process utilizing wills and other estate planning documents. A good planned gift can afford the donor increased income and important tax benefits. Making a planned gift is one of the best ways to support Maui United Way. Planned gifts allow donors to make a significant impact on those in need over an extended period of time.

For more information on Planned Giving, call 808-244-8787 or contact

A Gift of Stock Can Bring You Tax Savings!

A gift of appreciated securities provides an ideal opportunity for you to make a significant gift to Maui United Way and take advantage of substantial tax benefits by avoiding capital gains and receiving a reduction for the full value of the gift.

Example: Make a cash gift of $10,000, or donate a gift of stock shares that you originally bought for $2,000 and have held for more than a year that are now worth $10,000.

Compare the difference: If you give $10,000 cash, you can receive federal income tax savings of $2,800 (assuming you're in the 28% bracket). Thus, your gift of cash can cost you a net of $7,200.

If you give the gift of stock to Maui United Way, look what happens. You can lock in the stock's $10,000 value. You can also receive federal income tax savings of $2,800 and avoid the $1,200 in capital gains tax on the stock's appreciation. Thus, your gift of stock could cost you a net of $6,000. (To deduct gifts of appreciated securities at their current fair market value, the IRS requires that you must have held them for more than one year.)

To calculate your own savings, visit the Giving Stock to United Way.

To make a gift of stock, please contact

How to Make a Gift of Stock

A gift of stock can be made in one of three ways:

If you have an account in one of the following firms, you may simply transfer the appropriate amount of stock to Maui United Way account in the same firm.

  • A.G. Edwards
  • RBC Dain Rauscher
  • UBS Financial Services

If your shares are held by another brokerage firm, instruct them to electronically transfer the stock to the United Way Account. Please contact for routing instructions.

If you hold your own shares, please contact This information is illustrative only and is not intended to be legal or financial advice. Consult your own attorney or financial advisor to discuss your specific situation.

After the Transaction is Complete

Maui United Way will send you a thank you and letter of receipt, indicating what securities we have received and the date of transfer. We use the average value of the securities on the date we receive them into our account establishes the gift value for tax purposes. Note that this amount may be different (higher or lower) than the amount we receive from the sale.