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Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Maui United Way says about 8,000 people have applied for help with its Emergency Financial Assistance Program. The nonprofit is giving out $1,000 to adults in the impacted fire zones. Read More -->
Monday, August 21, 2023
Volunteer groups around the state are pitching in for Maui. They're helping with basic efforts on the ground — from food and water to shelter — and local non-profits are also doing what they can. Read More -->
Sunday, August 20, 2023
Hear our president Nick Winfrey discuss our community coming together during the wildfire relief efforts. There's much work ahead. Please support the Maui Fire Disaster Relief Fund today. View Interview -->
Monday, January 9, 2017
The Matson Foundation has gifted the A Hui Hou Fund with a $100,000 grant to augment widespread community support for displaced sugar workers on Maui. The A Hui Hou Fund, launched in April by a group of concerned citizens in partnership with Maui United Way, was created to provide emergency relief…
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
The A Hui Hou Fund, developed to provide emergency assistance to Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. workers losing their jobs, has raised around $44,000 and has helped its first family. But the volunteer organization’s leader, Alice Lee, said the fund is still far from its goal of $300,000. Read…