Maui Fire Disaster Relief Nonprofit Funding

How your donation is making a difference...

On August 18, Maui United Way launched a one-time $1,000 financial assistance payment program for adult fire survivors living in the impacted fire zones in Lahaina and Kula, limited to $5,000 per household. More than 7,000 unique individual requests were made by the program’s completion. It was made possible by the many generous donations from our local community members, mainland friends, and folks from around the world.

Beyond this program, Maui United Way has approved 18 grants to nonprofit partners offering direct relief to impacted families including:

  • Locally grown food provided by Maui’s farmers
  • Transportation for those who have had their vehicles destroyed
  • Mortgage and insurance assistance
  • Help replacing identification lost in the fires
  • Crisis counseling
  • Childcare services and health care, including from Native Hawaiian practitioners

Maui United Way has other plans in the works for providing relief to fire-impacted families. We know the road is a long one and we want to light the way as much as we can. We know more is needed.

As we move beyond initial emergency response, MUW will engage with the community to ensure donations are distributed via a survivor-centered approach that creates a stronger, more resilient community for the future.